Watching too much television

Sanai GeddiesSanai GeddiesEnglish 7April 1, 2019
Watching too much television can lead to bad behavior. It can also ruin a lot of family time that you should have with your family. “Uncle Andy” might sound like a regular person, but he actually symbolizes the television that is sitting in all of our houses at this moment. To start, “Uncle Andy” changes kids behavior in many ways but, not in a good way. Furthermore, he makes kids think that unhealthy food is good for you when it really is not. Moreover, it will ruin family time that you and your family should be having.
To begin with, “Uncle Andy” has been in this world for a long time. A lot of kids think that he is a “good guy” but is he? “Uncle Andy” creates very bad behavior in kids especially young ones. “He shares stories and pictures with the kids that are scary, brutal, or even provocative.” With this stuff that “Uncle Andy” is putting in their head. The kids can start to bring it to school even. It will cause stress for parents getting phone calls that their kid is being disrespectful. The kids will not focus on school and only worry about the television. Their grades will go down, and they will stop learning how to succeed. Moreover, kids start to believe that unhealthy foods are good. Parents try to not tell them about those foods because they want them to be healthy. Unfortunately, television will tell them about it anyway. “Uncle Andy” will convince your children that bad food is good for them. It can cause your children to be very unhealthy and be in bad shape. That won’t be very great for their childhood because parents kids should play outside and be healthy. Instead of being inside eating bad food.
Lastly, “Uncle Andy” will ruin family time, families deserve about 2-3 hours together. But According to Study Finds, “ Families spend about 37 minutes together per day.” That is very bad families should have way more communication with their family then 37 minutes. Each day a family should go home and talk about their day. At dinner time they should talk about places they would like to go or what they want to be when they grow up. Instead of watching television. Therefore, kids should have less time on television. Kids should worry about being good and respecting others. Also doing good in school and worry about how to get better at things they don’t know how to do. Even going outside once and well to be healthy and in shape. Kids can all do that if they only watch a little just a little television.