Persuasive Essay On Racism

Everyone knows racism can happen anywhere and even to anyone. It has been a social issue often related to bullying, but most of the time, people of color are the ones being the victims. Racism is the belief that a race has its own abilities and physical features which can be the cause of division among the level of superiority over the other. Racism often happens in schools where students of color go through all its stress and trauma. This social problem has effects on student victims. It can affect their mental and physical health as stress may take over them. It can also affect their school attendance and performance as their self-esteem can be severely injured.
With this social issue going on for many years already, particularly in schools, school authorities can put an end to it and even prevent it from happening. With this, it is just right to say that racism can be stopped so it will not put negative effects on students.

How the School can Prevent Racism in the School Community

1. Fair treatment

The school authorities need to show that they are against racism and bullying. They have to perform fair treatment and decisions to make sure that no student will ever feel mistreated unfairly.

2. Equal opportunities

The school needs to show that they offer equal opportunities to all students regardless of race and color. Anything offered to one student should also be offered to the others. This will make the students feel that they are equal to others.

3. No division within student body

The students should be mixed with one another allowing them to have interaction with everyone regardless if they are students of color or not. Sections should be diverse and flexible so everyone can be friends with everyone.

4. No to bullying and racism rule

The school should be strict in implementing rules that show that they are against any action or form of racism and bullying in the school and among students.

5. Raising awareness

The school academic program can have the students write essays on racism as these can raise awareness about this issue among the students. This will also help students learn what is racism essay and write an effective one. This is a useful move to make the students research and learn on their own what racism is and its negative effects on other people.
Students will enjoy student life when they see that the school itself is a pleasant environment to be in. This will help them focus more on their academics and become the students that they need to be. Though they may find themselves lacking time to finish all academic tasks, they can turn to websites that offer help writing papers. With these services, they can find a site that they can ask please do my science homework'. Once these sites have provided the written pieces of students, they can still find the time to do other school works and even attend activities that can strengthen their bond with fellow students regardless of color or race.